Terms & Conditions

1. General


1.1. Welcome to the Website
www.gap.com.gr (now referred to as the "Website"). www.gap.com.gr is an online website that displays the list of clothing of the "Company" under the brand name Gap.

Licensee for the operation of this Website is the company under the name "Marinopoulos Business Consultants S.A." ("Company") and distinctive title "MARINOPOULOS S.A.", VAT no. 999635429 based in Alimos and on 63, Ag. Demetriou Street, P.C. 17456, in the capacity of Retail Trade in Clothing, which is also the owner of this website.

For the purposes of customers' rights and obligations regarding the Products, Marinopoulos Business Consultants S.A. ("Company") is the seller of the Products.

In these Terms & Conditions:

"Company", "We" or "Us" is called Marinopoulos Business Consultants S.A. with distinctive title MARINOPOULOS S.A.

"Customer" or "You" is the person (natural or legal) who orders products through the "Website" and whose order of products is accepted by the "Company".

"Contract" is the contract that contains these Terms & Conditions and applies once the "Company" accepts your order.

"Products" are the items offered for sale in the list presented on the "Website".

"Working Day" is considered a daily day when the "Company" has a commercial activity.

1.2. Access to this “Website”, and to the products and services offered through this website (hereinafter referred to as the "Services"), their use and the execution of orders are subject to these terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms & Conditions"). By browsing the “Website” and using the “Services” and/or ordering Products, you accept all current “Terms & Conditions”, as well as their occasional updates that govern the relationship between us. In case of your disagreement or reservation for part or all of these terms you may contact the Company through the "Contact Us" section before your navigation or use of the “Services” or the placing of an order, or you may even send us a written letter to our address to the attention of E- Commerce dpt, otherwise the acceptance of all terms by you is unconditional.

1.3. Modification of the Terms of Transactions of "Marinopoulos Business Consultants S.A." You must visit this website regularly to monitor any changes to the “Terms & Conditions”. It should be clarified, however, that the term change does not take up orders that you have already placed but applies to the future. Our Company reserves the right to modify, renew or upgrade at any time and without prior notice of the user/consumer/visitor/member/buyer (now the user as a whole) of the "Website" (total or separate):

(a) part or all these terms of use

(b) part or all the content of the "Website" and

(c) part or all the external appearance (interface), structure or configuration of the "Website" as well as its technical specifications as well as to restrict access to or part of the “Website”.

The “Company” also reserves the right at any time, without justification and without prior notice of the user of the "Website" to abort, suspend or terminate the operation of the "Website". Access to this “Website” is permitted under these terms and conditions and we reserve the right to remove or change the “Services” without prior notice.

1.4. Although we take good care of the information we publish or send, we do not exclude the existence of inaccuracies, graphic mistakes, or incorrect pricing. The "Company" assumes no responsibility for this. The "Company" is entitled to modify and correct at any time information related to products, prices and other information published by the "Company" above.

1.5. Please note that the "Contact Us" section is solely for the purpose of providing assistance and information and does not in any way replace the "Terms and Conditions". The "Privacy Policy" is an integral part of the "Terms and Conditions" and binds the parties (company and users) in full under the terms of Article 1.2. above.

1.6. If you wish, you can subscribe to the newsletter list of our “Company”.

2. Privacy Policy & Personal Data


You may find our Privacy Policy, which explains how we will use your information, in the section entitled "
Privacy Policy & Personal Data”. By using this "Website", you agree to the content of this section and guarantee that all data you provide is accurate, true and up to date.

3. Restrictions on Access and Use of the “Website”


3.1. Abuse of this “Website”, obstruction, or harassment of the operation of the “Website”, as well as the replacement or alteration of its content, may not be permitted. You must not commit or encourage offences, transmit or distribute viruses, Trojan horses, worms, logical bombs or post any other malicious or technologically harmful material and generally do not allow actions that may result in an unacceptable or extensive burden on the infrastructure or operation of the website. It is also prohibited to violate the obligation of confidentiality or to use the website in any other way offensive or obscene.

3.2. In addition, you must not infringe any part of the “Services”, destroy data, cause dissatisfaction with other users, infringe other people's proprietary rights, send unsolicited promotional or promotional material, commonly known as spam, or attempt to influence the performance or functionality of any features of the “Website” or features to which you have accessed through the “Website”. Violation of this provision constitutes a criminal offence under Greek law. The "Company" will report any such violation that may come to its attention to the competent law enforcement authorities and will disclose to them your identity information, subject to the conditions of law.

3.3. Your connection to our website is, under the terms of Articles 4.4. by your own means and through companies and providers selected by you.

4. Intellectual Property, Software and Content


4.1. Intellectual property rights to all software and content, to which you have access to this “Website” or through it remain the property of the "Company" or its licensees and are protected by international copyright laws and treaties. All these rights belong to the "Company" and its licensing providers.

4.2. Under no circumstances should the appearance and promotion of the content of the “Website” be considered as a transfer and/or assignment of a license and/or right to use it. You can store, print, and display available content for personal use only. Publication, management, distribution, total or partial copying, transport, processing, storing, republishing, modifying, or otherwise reproducing, is not permitted in any form and for any part of the content or copies of the content provided to you or displayed on this “Website”, nor may you use such content in connection with any business or commercial activity unless you have received written permission from the "Company." In addition, you do not have any license or consent to use, in any way, the trademarks of the "Company" and you agree not to use these trademarks, or any trademarks having similar colors, without the written permission of the "Company."

4.3 Photographic Imaging of our “Products”. We have made every effort to ensure realistic and accurate photographic representation of the majority of our products, which are presented through our Website. However, due to technological limitations, these photos may differ from the actual condition, shape and image of the products. This is perfectly natural given the limited technological capabilities, even using the latest technological developments in the field of photographic imaging. Note that, although the "Company" has tried to accurately display the colors of its products, the actual colors you see depend on the specifications of your screen and may therefore not be accurate. In addition, there may be information or data in photos or videos that do not correspond to the most recent display of the product, as they have been photographed or filmed in an earlier state.

4.4 License to Access the “Website” We hereby grant you a limited license to access and use this “Website”, but not a license to download or modify it or any part thereof, except with the express written permission of the "Company". This license does not permit any resale or commercial use of this “Website” or its content, any collection and use of any product catalogs, descriptions or prices, any derivative use of this “Website” or its content, any downloading or copying of account information for the benefit of another merchant, or any use of data mining tools, robots or similar data collection and export tools.

4.5. It is prohibited to reproduce, copy, sell, resell, visit or other exploitation of this “Website” or any part of it for any commercial purpose, without our express written permission. Gap Europe Limited and its Affiliates have exclusive rights to our company's domain name www.gap.com.gr and all trade names displayed on our “Website” are duly subject to legal protection.

4.6. You may not use frames or framework techniques to surround any trademark; logo or other proprietary information (including videos, images, text, page layout or format) of the "Website" without our written consent.

5. Terms of sale


5.1. By placing an order, you agree to purchase a product in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

Deliveries of products to addresses anywhere in Greece are performed.

The conclusion of a contract requires that the "Company" has considered the availability of these products and has accepted both your order and payment by cod, card or otherwise. As long as the "Company" has not confirmed both of these points, it is not obliged to dispose of the products.

For six (6) years from the shipment of the products we keep the details of orders, order entry certificates and contracts (as well as these Terms). We will make them available to you. We recommend that you print these Terms, your order, order confirmation, payment method confirmation and invoice, and keep them by attaching a note to serve as proof of purchase.

5.2. Orders may be shipped on all 5 working days of the week (Monday to Friday). For this reason, and to be fully informed and to protect you as much as possible from unforeseen events, orders are completed as follows:

5.3. i) Upon completion of your order request, your total aggregated order containing all the details of your order is displayed. In case of choice of payment of your order at the time of delivery to your place of choice (delivery), then you will immediately receive the confirmation of an order on the basis of which the products will be delivered to you subject to the appropriate payment at the time of delivery and without prejudice to Article 5.7 below and under the conditions of Article 10.1 see below. In case of a choice of payment through credit/debit card, payment via payment link, direct payment via e-banking or Paypal, your order is executed immediately; if you choose to pay of your order by credit/debit card, via payment link, direct payment via e-banking or Paypal, you log on to the third-party payment service provider in order to complete the payment of the agreed price under the terms. You can see the available payment methods in the "Payment Methods" section. 

ii) Our “Company” may (but is not required) conduct a check through its partner payment service providers as to the correctness of the payment information you send us (in the case of payment by credit/debit card, payment via payment link,
direct payment via e-banking or Paypal) at the stage of completion of your order and connection with the third payment service provider and may reject your order if it is found or there is any problem with these items.

5.4. i) Then your order goes to the collection stage for processing and you will be sent an e-mail when the products are ready to ship to the delivery address you have declared. The delivery of the products and the manner in which they are dispatched are provided by the Terms set out in the “Shipping” section.

(ii) If for any reason it is found that there is an unexpected shortage in any of the products you have ordered or that there is any problem with the products included in your request, then our “Company” will make every effort to contact you either by the e-mail address you have indicated to us or by direct telephone contact with you through a representative (or in all of the above ways) in order to consult with you about any modification; correction or cancellation of your order. The products will then be dispatched under the terms of the “
Shipping” section.

5.5. To place an order on the "Website" you must be over 18 years old. Visitors under the age of 18 are not allowed to exchange with us data and any information. When you place an order, you commit that all information you provide to us is true and accurate, that you are an authorized user of the credit or debit card you used to place your order, and that there is sufficient balance to cover the cost of the products. In any case, the “Company” reserves the right to carry out the checks referred to in Article 5.3. (ii) above.

Age Restrictions on the Purchase of Products In particular, please note that age restrictions apply in Greece to the purchase of the products. With an order you confirm that you (or, the recipient of the products) meet the age requirements required to purchase this product. The customer is also responsible for the products from their delivery by the carrier. Similarly, we do not assume responsibility in case the product is not received by the customer in the customer's place, on the day of delivery at their own fault, i.e., at the first attempt of delivery. The "Company" reserves the right to change at any time the specifications mentioned on its “Website” regarding any product without prior notice.

5.6. Please note that payment on delivery (cod) is only made in Euro currency.

5.7. During the processing of your order, you will receive a series of automated-mail messages that will indicate the progress of your order.

These messages relate to the following steps:

a) Order Confirmation: as provided for in Article 5.3 and 5.4 above.

b) Order Processing: When the products of the order have been collected and have been routed for shipment to your place, which will be accompanied by the tracking number.

c) Pending Order: If any of the products in your order have not been collected and have been left as pending, we will contact you on this.

5.8. By sending a request for an order you consent to the receipt of the above notifications, which are a prerequisite for the proper processing of your order. We suggest making sure that these e-mails are accessible and reachable to you and keep them throughout our transaction. It is your obligation; in case you do not receive the relevant e-mail to contact the “Company” through the "Contact Us" section. The Parties agree and accept that the one described in Article 5.7. communication and the way in which it is conducted (by e-mail or telephone) also covers the legal conditions for your written notification, confirmation of your order, wherever and when the law requires it. In case you wish to express objections, or to provide you with clarifications about the content of an e-mail you have received as above, or for any other reason you can contact the “Company” through the "Contact Us" section.

6. Prices


6.1. The "Company" generally reserves the right and the user of the "Website" accepts it, to freely formulate its pricing policy, to modify the prices indicated on the “Website” and to change and/or withdraw the offers at any time with or without prior notice to the users of the "Website", who will be informed of the price valid each time by its relevant posting on the “Website”. The prices of the products are those that are valid at the time the customer's order is accepted by the "Company". Specific prices are listed in the electronic directory of the "Company" through the "Website". The final selling price of the product is however the price communicated to the customer upon acceptance of the order by the "Company". While we strive to ensure that all details, descriptions, and values displayed on this “Website” are accurate, errors may occur. In case the customer orders something at the wrong price, the "Company" will communicate the correct price, and if the customer wishes to continue the order, then the new, corrected by the “Company”, price applies to the order. If we do not manage to contact you, we will consider that the order has been cancelled. These include the corresponding legal VAT. The "Company" is not responsible and does not cover price differences of products purchased from a physical store of the "Company" and the customer subsequently found the existence of a lower price in its electronic catalogue or vice versa. Any promotions of products are valid until
stock depletion.

7. Delivery policy


7.1. Our "Company" provides you with alternative ways of receiving and delivering products. When placing an order, you are able to choose how you wish us to send you the products you have ordered. Depending on your choice, the total final cost of your order will be determined according to the payment method of choice and will be included in the order confirmation email.

7.2. Time, Way, Place of Receipt/Delivery The "Company" does all it cans for immediate shipment. However, there may be reasons to prevent it from complying with the intended date of dispatch. For this reason, each date of shipment of products for which you are notified is merely an estimate and the "Company" cannot guarantee that the shipment will actually take place on the date for which it was predetermined. Your order is considered binding and you cannot revoke it when an e-mail has been sent to you from the "Company" titled " Shipped: Order [order number] from Gap". Return of products is not accepted in this case.

In case the "Company" is not able to ship the products on the predetermined or agreed date, it has the right to cancel the order and return to the "customer" any amounts paid.

If an order is cancelled, the "Company" is only obliged to refund the paid amounts to the customer. In case you wish to send the order to a delivery address that "You" will choose, within Greece, then the delivery will be made by courier. Our "Company" takes all necessary measures for the timely transfer of the order to the buyer as part of its basic delivery schedule. We cannot guarantee either the time of arrival or the exact delivery time of the products of the order. Deliveries of products are made to addresses anywhere within Greece. The products will be sent to the place you have indicated to us via your e-mail, by courier. The receipt is made by the person mentioned in the order as the addressee or by a person who appears to act instead, at the delivery address of the order, recommended by showing their identity card or passport.

7.4. The "Company" has the right to make partial deliveries of products and in order of dispatch of its choice. In this case, each partial delivery shall also be the subject of a separate contract. In the event that the “Company” delays one or more partial shipments or is unable to carry them out, contracts for products already shipped or to be shipped in the future, shall not be affected by this. If the "Company" notifys you that it is unable to make certain partial deliveries, it assumes that you accept shipments that you have already received.

7.5. Subject to any special charges for shipping and delivery that will be expressly provided for in a product posted on our website, it is noted that all of the above prices may change at any time.

7.6. Receipt of Products from You It is your responsibility to examine the condition and completeness of the products at the time of delivery. If you did not check the products during or immediately after receipt and did not inform the "Company" within 24 hours after receiving the products from "Us" for any defects or deficiencies these apply as received in good condition and with all other items that are in the package.

7.7. Free shipping for deliveries within Greece is valid only for orders over fifty (50) euros (€) (including VAT).

7.8. If you are not at the delivery address on delivery attempt to receive your package, the courier will leave you an information note with instructions on how to receive your order or they will notify you by phone or email.

In such case, the risk of loss or damage to the goods shall be transferred to the purchaser as expressly referred to in Article 5.5. above.

8. Reservation of Property Rights


The "Company" reserves the unlimited right to own the products shipped until the full payment of all invoices and (at the rate permitted by the applicable legal regime) in cases where you have already paid other products you ordered. In cases where the legal documents are not paid on the date they are payable or the Credit Card Company refuses payment or for any reason requires the "Company" to refund the amount paid for certain products, the "Company" reserves (subject to the applicable legal status) the right to forbid the customer from using these products or reselling them.

9. Exchanges & Returns


The "
Exchanges & Refunds" section is an integral part of the "Terms and Conditions" and binds the parties as a whole (the company and the users).

10. Cookie Policy


The "
Cookie Policy" section is an integral part of the "Terms and Conditions" and binds the parties as a whole (the company and the users).

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